The Role of General Dentistry in Austin

Jun 01, 2020

Most people regard dentistry as a solution to oral problems. however, to achieve excellent dental health, it is more about consistent preventive efforts over curative measures. This is why general dentistry happens to be a crucial part of dental works. Regular dental visits, for instance. Have nothing to do with getting treated for an infection. Instead, it is about maintaining proper oral health, all while laying forth preventive measures to prevent infection.

More About General Dentistry

When people talk about basic dental health, they are often referring to general dentistry. This is the specialty of dentistry that caters to the general oral needs of patients. There is no specialization required in this area of dentistry. This means that a dentist in this area of dentistry will account for gum care, preventive education, dental fillings, and all other oral care needs. Ideally, a general dentist in Austin will conduct basic dental practices, including the following:

  • Dental exams – these make a crucial part of general dentistry in Austin TX. The dental exams are the first thing your dentist does when you enter the dental facility. Dental exams are important for diagnosis as well as dental problem detection. No treatment can be given to you unless you have done a dental exam. During dental exams, several things happen: Visual exam – this involves looking at your teeth. the dentist will have you open your mouth, and will use special light over your mouth. This will allow the dentist to have a proper view of all that is going on in your oral cavity.
  • Physical exam – this is where the dentist physically checks your mouth for any problems. in includes using a finger to check the stability of teeth, state of the gum tissue, to mention a few. It is an important part of the process, as it can determine the next step of the dental exam.
  • Digital exam – this is a more technical exam, where x-rays, CAT scans, ultrasounds, among others, are involved. These are necessary when the dental expert wants to examine more than the surfaces of your mouth. X-rays and ultrasounds are great in identifying the state of your jawbone and entire bone structure related to your gum tissue. These exams are usually for diagnostics.
  • Dental cleanings – these are also very important in general dentistry in Austin. A dentist from any general dentistry near you will tell you that dental cleanings are necessary for excellent oral health. Professional dental cleanings are useful for removing plaque and tartar from teeth. which can adversely sabotage the health of your oral cavity. The cleaning involves teeth brushing. Professional dental flossing, as well as special rinsing. All these processes will leave you with a new fresh look and experience in your mouth.
  • Preventive dentistry – this is a big part of general dentistry. Dental care services included in preventive dentistry focus on proactive measures to protect the state of the oral cavity. For the most part, it involves putting up measures so that no dental problems occur. Some of the processes involved in preventive dental care include the following: Dental sealants – these are pretty common in pediatric dentistry. They feature dental materials applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from dental cavities.
  • Fluoride treatment – fluoride is a natural element that helps strengthen teeth while fighting dental cavities.
  • Dental fillings – they are alternatives for dental sealants. However, dental fillings are used when a cavity has already been detected in your teeth. If you regularly visit your dentist, then you know that a cavity should not be allowed to stay in for too long. The reason is that it progresses into a serious case of dental decay that can severely compromise your oral health. Dental fillings are installed by a general dentist as a protective measure for your teeth against dental decay.
  • Treating infections – dental infections can occur in many forms. Sometimes you may only have some mouth sores, while in other cases, the pain levels are unbearable. Infections of the gum tissue and the inner cheeks can be diagnosed and treated by a dentist. If the case becomes severe, then a general dentist might refer you to a different dental expert for specialized analysis.

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