Things You Need to Know about Amalgam Removals

Apr 01, 2020

A common material used for filling dental cavities over the last 150 years is dental amalgam. Concerns have been raised by many people about the material silver fillings because one of its primary components is mercury.

If you are concerned about amalgam fillings in your mouth and want to replace them with a safer alternative you should be contacting a dentist that can offer you comprehensive services for amalgam removals near you from your teeth. If you are considering this option we recommend you continue reading this article to gain more information about how the amalgam removal will proceed.

What Are Amalgam Fillings?

A mixture of metals consisting of liquid elemental mercury along with a powdered alloy of silver, copper, and tin are known as dental amalgam. 50 percent of its weight is elemental mercury. Earlier amalgam fillings were quite common but are now being replaced by modern tooth-colored substances that blend in with the natural color of the tooth.

How Harmful Is Mercury?

As chemical element mercury is also known as quicksilver it is the only metallic element in liquid form. The toxicity of mercury is harmful to humans although it was considered safe earlier when used for filling teeth. It can play havoc with your body without you even realizing it especially if you have had amalgam fillings in your mouth for years.

How Does the Mercury in Amalgam Enter the Bloodstream?

Mercury can enter the bloodstream of humans via three main sources such as seafood, amalgam fillings, and certain vaccinations. Mercury vapor is released by amalgam fillings that enter the lungs and approximately 80 percent of the vapor is absorbed in the bloodstream. Elemental mercury contained in amalgam fillings can also enter your stomach via the throat every time you swallow anything when some of it is converted into methylmercury to be absorbed.

The Health Effects of Exposure to Mercury

Your central and peripheral nervous systems find amalgam toxic. Mercury can also influence the nervous digestive and immune systems besides the lungs and kidneys. It can result in neurological and behavioral disorders and symptoms such as memory loss, neuromuscular effects, headaches, and other problems.

How Will Amalgam Removal in Austin and the This Procedure?

Amalgam removal in Austin, TX, can provide safe and successful removal of amalgam fillings. The process will involve creating a full health plan for you including a heavy metal detoxification plan, diet modification, and testing and supplements.

The clinic uses gold-standard safeguards to provide the highest degree of safety to patients and staff. The procedures will include using a rubber dam, providing the supply of oxygen to both patients and staff and using a powerful suction device in the patient’s mouth to prevent any excess mercury vapor being ingested again.

The silver fillings will usually be removed in one-quarter of the mouth in a single sitting as an additional safety precaution.

Is the removal painful?

The procedure for amalgam removal is just as having a regular dental filling or cavity treated. Local anesthesia will be administered to ensure you will not feel any pain. Therefore there is no need for you to be anxious about this procedure.

Is Amalgam Removal Expensive?

Removing amalgam fillings to replace it with a safer material can be compared to the price of a regular filling but it may vary from one patient to another. Removing amalgam fillings will require about 60 to 90 minutes per quarter of the mouth but you can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

What Else Can Amalgam Removal in Austin Offer to Ensure the Overall Health of the Body?

Amalgam removals in Austin, TX has an established process for amalgam filling removals. They can provide a personalized removal and detoxification program to satisfy the requirements of your health. The removal program will include treatments like hair analysis, diet modifications, colonic irrigation or enemas, Mercury specification tests and prescribing supplements to support the process of detoxification.

When you look at the process of amalgam removals you will perhaps be convinced that getting the fillings was rather easy than removing them. However, if you want to enjoy better overall health without the toxic effects of mercury you will consider undergoing this process to have a safer filling in your mouth.

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