Tips For Braces

Dec 16, 2013

Sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind that the sharp wires, pokey brackets and tight rubber bands that come with braces will result in a straight, beautiful smile. It’s hard to lose sight of what promises to be a worthwhile reward when everyone around is enjoying corn on the cob and candy! Here are some ways to keep your mind on the prize and make your time in braces smoother (straighter)!


Preemptive Pain Relief

Regular appointments for wire tightening will bring discomfort. Wire tightening is meant to move your teeth and the tugging and tension that comes with it can cause a sore jaw, tooth pain and headaches. You can beat your pain to the punch by taking some sort of pain reliever prior to your appointment.


Be Safe

If you participate in any sort of sport of physical activity that you feel puts you at risk for a mouth injury, invest in a mouth guard. If you opt not to wear some sort of protective mouth gear you run the risk of seriously hindering your treatment with an injury. Braces can also make the injury more severe than it would have originally been. The brackets can become embedded into the surrounding gums and lips if the force of the blow is strong enough, which can require surgical removal./p>

Keep A Kit

Having braces requires some special care. An easy way to keep the special tools you’ll need to care for your mouth with braces is to create a small kit with essentials and carry it with you. Some things a person with braces might find helpful are:

  • wax (to cover sharp wires)

  • lip balm for dry lips

  • special flossers (to get in between wires)

  • ibuprofen


If you are looking to begin your own or your child’s teeth straightening endeavor call Lifetime Smiles and set up an appointment today!

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