Tips to Help You Overcome Your Anxiety About Visiting the Dentist

Nov 30, 2016

Being anxious about visiting the dentist isn’t something you should be embarrassed about; in fact, it’s incredibly common. Millions of people in the United States suffer from some level of dental phobia. For some people, the fear is so strong that they’ve delayed going to the dentist for years. If you are one of those people, we want you to know that our dentist in Austin offers sedation dentistry, which can be a very effective method of helping you overcome your anxiety and get the dental treatment that you need. Sedation dentistry allows you to relax with the help of medication so the dentist can perform the necessary procedures and treatments. Our office offers both general and local anesthesia to our patients.

This isn’t the only thing you can do in order to overcome your anxiety about the dentist, though. Along with sedation dentistry, here are some tips to help make your visit to our Austin office an easier one.

Try These Anxiety-Busting Tips

Let us know up-front you have anxiety.

It’s a good idea to let us know when you are making your appointment that you suffer from dental anxiety. This will allow us to make extra time for your appointment so we can walk you through procedures slowly or even allow you to take breaks. Our team completely understands your phobia, so please don’t think that we’ll find it strange or odd. We work with people every day who don’t love coming to the dentist and we try to make their visits as pleasant as possible!

Arrange a signal with your dentist to stop the procedure.

Having some control over your procedure and know you can stop it if you need to can help relieve some of the fear associated with going to the dentist. Talk to our Austin dentist before he begins and arrange a signal with him such as raising your hand. Agree that when he sees that signal, he’ll stop the work as soon as it is safe to do so.

Take a break if you need to take one.

You can take a break if you need to do so! When it’s safe to stop a procedure, the dentist can give you a few moments to collect yourself before he begins again. We’d rather allow you to take a break than push you too hard and have to stop the appointment before the work is done!

Bring a distraction with you.

Whether you can lose yourself in music or a great podcast, a distraction is a great thing. It may be difficult to do some things like read a book or do a crossword, so we highly recommend bringing something to listen to (we can recommend some great podcasts or audio books if you need some!). This will help you focus your mind on something other than what’s happening in your mouth.

Make an appointment early in the morning.

Morning appointments prevent you from spending too much of your day dwelling on your upcoming appointment. Make an appointment for as early as possible and get it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

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