Types of Sedation Dentistry For Children In Austin

Nov 17, 2015

A very important part of parenthood is teaching your children proper oral health habits. Alongside brushing and flossing teeth, regular visits to the dentist should be part of the routine. Most insurance companies allow for two dental visits per year, one visit every six months. While we strive to provide the best and most comfortable visit at Lifetime Smiles, many people still get anxious during dental visits. Children are no exception. To combat the anxiety in order to provide a thorough, easy dental cleaning, Lifetime Smiles offers sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry for children at Lifetime Smiles can be administered through laughing gas, anxiety medication, or full anesthesia. We are thankful to have an in-house anesthesiologist to make full-sedation dentistry possible. Sedation is a safe, simple way to reduce anxiety during dental appointments.

Laughing Gas

Scientifically known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas helps children ease anxiety by breathing in a bit of the gas during treatment. Nitrous oxide enters and leaves the body quickly, so the side effects are minimal.

Anxiety Medication

If your child suffers from more severe anxiety, oral medication may be used. The type of medication depends on your child’s level of worry. We can work together to find the appropriate anxiety medication for your child in order to provide a thorough dental clean and care.

Full Anesthesia

Most of the sedation treatments available for children are conscious sedation, which means the pain is dulled, but the patient is still awake. Full-sedation causes your child to be put to sleep during the treatment. It may be an option; however, we recommend you visit with us about your particular situation prior to this form of anesthesia.

While sedation is a viable option at Lifetime Smiles, we want to try to work with you and your child to make dental visits less nerve-racking prior to sedation. Call us today to learn more about our office – we love working with new and current patients to ensure your dental care is the best care you receive.

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