Understanding the Role of Pediatric Dentistry in Austin

Aug 01, 2021

Taking care of your child’s health is an instinct that comes to you naturally as soon as the child is born. As they grow, however, their needs keep changing and diversifying. If you are not keen, you are likely to channel all your focus and energy on one aspect of their health while overlooking all other aspects. This is very common when it comes to dental health.

While parents are aware of the oral health of their children, they hardly take any action regarding the matter. The best they do is indulge in teeth brushing at least twice every day. While that is good practice, there is more to oral care for children than that.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is also called pedodontics. It is a branch of dentistry that caters to all the oral needs of children, usually from infancy through adolescence. ​​Pediatric dentistry offers different dental services, both preventive and curative, all geared toward bettering the oral health of children. At any given point, your child can begin seeing a pediatric dentist near you. Ideally, even before your child has teeth, they need oral care. You will only find out about this by visiting a dentist near you for the first oral exam. Some of children’s oral needs range between teething problems and tooth loss to dental cavities and common dental injuries.

What Is the Role of Pediatric Dentistry?

If you haven’t yet considered pediatric dental care for your child, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that your child can enjoy as they seek to excel in dental health. Some of the importance of pediatric dentistry for children include the following:

  • To educate children on the importance of proper oral hygiene – this includes helping children acknowledge and appreciate the benefits of sustaining a clean mouth throughout their life. More to oral hygiene for children includes teaching them how to brush their teeth properly and how often to do it.
  • To protect children’s teeth from dental cavities – children are highly prone to dental caries when they are between the age of 6 and 14 years. At this stage, if you do not take any measures to prevent your child from getting cavities, they may have to lose their teeth very early in life. Thankfully, pediatric dentists in Austin, TX, have several proactive measures that can help protect the teeth of your child and fight against infections that lead to dental cavities and tooth decay.
  • To detect and diagnose various dental issues early – frequent dental exams with a pediatric dentist near you will be crucial for detecting dental issues. By detecting and diagnosing them early, treatment is also possible before there are any permanent complications in the mouth of your child. With this, pediatric dentistry helps prevent the need for expensive dental care in the future.
  • To promote healthy dental habits – as your child grows up, they pick up different habits, some of which are bad for their oral health. For example, unless you are keen to check, you may not notice that your child grinds their teeth at night when they sleep. Such a habit can cause other dental issues like tooth sensitivity, enamel deterioration, jaw pain, to mention a few. With pediatric dentistry, a dentist in Westgate, TX, will quickly identify these issues and offer the proper treatment and a way around the bad dental habit. Some other bad oral habits include fingernail biting, pacifier sucking even at an old age, and even crushing hard objects with teeth, to mention a few. All these habits need to be traded for good dental habits that can benefit the oral health of your child.
  • To boost nutrition – some of the nutritional tendencies that your child has may be leading them toward a very unhealthy lifestyle at a very young age. These tendencies must be curbed early, ensuring you preserve both the oral health and the overall body health of your child. If you want your child to begin enjoying fruits and vegetables and give up on the obsession with candies and other sugary foods, determine to seek help from a ​pediatric dentist in Austin, TX.

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