Welcome To The Digital Age For The Dentist!

Dec 26, 2017


Drum roll, please…We are excited to introduce cutting edge technology to our dental office! If you’re not familiar with digital technology in the dentist’s office, then don’t worry, we have you covered in today’s blog. First, it’s exciting to be one of the few dental offices that offer cutting edge technology such as the kind we now offer. Second, it’s going to make visiting the dentist so much easier and more efficient. Third, we wanted to make a big investment to make it easier for the clients who come to us. We understand that coming to the dentist can be a bit of a nerve wracking experience, which is why we invested in these pieces of technology to make the appointments go quicker and make it easier on you to know when you need work done in your mouth. To schedule an appointment at Lifetime smiles, reach out to us today.

Our New Technology

Since we recently purchased new technology, we’re excited to talk about it and introduce you to it. At our dental office, we decided to go digital to save you time, do our part to preserve the environment, and help you understand your oral health better. It also makes it easier to diagnose different oral issues and view the entirety of your mouth. Some of the new digital equipment you’ll see at our dental office is a digital internal scanner for 3D dentistry. We also have HD intra-oral cameras, a TV to help us view your teeth, an intra-oral digital scanner, and a CT Scan – 3D imaging.

The CT Scan – 3D imaging allows us to take pictures of your mouth and is one of our biggest investments. Many practices around the country do not have access to this piece of equipment. The CT Scan – 3D can allow us to diagnose sleep apnea easier. This will help immensely to tell whether or not you should be further checked out by a doctor if you have sleep apnea. The CT Scan – 3D also has full mouth rehabilitation, which helps with multiple implants and laser accuracy for implants. The CT Scan – 3D helps to see what’s going on with your oral health. The combination of technology will assist us in viewing your teeth better, help to diagnose sleep apnea, and eliminate the need for molds, so you don’t have to sit here longer than you need to.

Additionally, technology helps to relieve people of dental phobia. By getting you out of the dentist’s office quicker due to our cutting edge technology, you won’t have time to get too nervous about sitting and waiting for a cleaning or other oral health procedures that need to be completed.

About Digital Technology

Digital technology at our dental office is some of the leading pieces of equipment in the industry. We wanted to make it easier for you and your family to go to the dentist, which is why we decided to invest in cutting edge pieces of technology. By upgrading the solutions to dental problems that are more traditional, we can now treat you better and more efficiently.

The Benefits Of Technology In The Dentist Office

With technology becoming more and more enhanced, we’re now entering a new age of dental digital technology. Digital dentistry is a great method for making traditional techniques much easier and more simple. From dental restoration to creating crowns, digital technology for dentists have made it much more accurate to create impressions of molds that are flawless and more precise dental restorations.

With digital technology, there’s no need for inaccuracies anymore and poor fitting restorations. No more wasting money, materials, time, and making patients unhappy and uncomfortable. With technology, we’re able to make it easy for you to come to the dentist and have an impression or a crown made. With digital X-ray technology, we’re able to see what’s going on in your mouth without needing to spend so much time poking around. In addition, with new digital technology, we can see what’s going on inside of your mouth and get a full scan of your teeth.

You can say goodbye to uncomfortably long appointments due to our digital technology. When you come to the dentist, you can enjoy coming to our facility instead of dreading it because of the efficiency of our new pieces of technology. If you want to make an appointment with our cutting edge dentist, then take the time to contact Lifetime Smiles.

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