What Are Painless Root Canal Treatments and What to Expect From It?

Feb 01, 2023

Root canal treatment may sound painful, but it’s not. If done properly by a skilled dentist in South Austin, your root canal treatment should be painless but still effective. We will discuss root canal treatment and what it entails in this article.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure done by endodontists to treat infections that cause severe dental pain and tooth loss. The tooth is made up of several layers, which include the enamel, dentine, and pulp. The innermost layer is called the pulp and consists of nerves and blood vessels.

The pulp can get damagedor infected, causing prolonged dental pain and tooth loss. Root canal treatment can help preserve the damaged tooth and also relieve dental pain resulting from pulp inflammation and infection. If you have an infected or damaged tooth pulp, see a dentist near you soon as possible for treatment.

How to Know if You Need Root Canal Treatment

You may need to undergo root canal treatment if you have the following symptoms:

Prolonged Dental Pain

Have you been under constant dental pain lately? You should see a dentist as soon as possible. Constant dental pain is a common symptom of many dental problems, including tooth pulp infection. After a checkup, your dentist will tell you whether your dental pain can be cured via root canal treatment or require alternative treatment.

Discoloration on Your Teeth

The sudden change in your teeth’s shade may be a sign of pulp infection. So, if you notice a grayish or black tone on your teeth, see a root canal dentist as soon as possible, as your tooth roots may be damaged.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Do you feel pain after eating or drinking something hot or cold? Tooth sensitivity can occur for different reasons and sometimes go away on its own. However, you should still see a dentist near you if you suffer from prolonged teeth sensitivity, which may indicate nerve damage, a common sign of pulp infection.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

Your tooth can get damaged after an accident or wear out from aging and frequent use. When it happens, the tooth can become vulnerable and prone to infection. See a dentist for a checkup as soon as you notice any damage in your tooth, as the tooth’s pulp may get inflamed or infected.

Painless Root Canal Treatment: What to Expect During Treatment

Painless root canal treatment is common now with the introduction of modern dentistry. Here is what will happen when you go for root canal treatment in Austin, TX

Sedation and Use of Local Anesthesia: A sedative may be used to calm down anxious patients before treatment. Local anesthesia will then be injected to numb the area before surgery and make treatment painless.

Drilling: After sedation, the next thing we’ll do is drill a small hole into your damaged tooth to help in removing decay from your tooth.

Cleaning: We will need to remove all the damaged and infected parts in your tooth for treatment to be effective. We’ll use the hole we made to remove all damaged tissue and bacteria and then clean the wound with a special liquid.

Filling: The pulp will lose its shape after all the damaged tissue has been pulled out. We will therefore need to fill it up and reshape it, so it regains its appearance. After we are done, we will seal the wound, so it doesn’t get reinfected.

Crowning: Dental crown placement will come last after we are done with the root canal treatment. The process is vital since it will help user strengthen the damaged tooth to make it functional again.

Are Root Canal Treatments for a Lifetime?

Root canal treatment has a high success rate (over 95%). It can also last a lifetime as long it’s done properly, and the wound is well cared for by the patient.

Is It Okay to Still Have Pain a Month After a Root Canal Treatment?

Although root canal treatment is painless, patients may still experience pain after treatment. However, the pain should be mild and fade with time as the wound starts healing. Your dentist will also give you painkillers to help with the pain during recovery. Visit a dentist near you immediately if you start experiencing severe dental pain, as that may be a sign of a botched dental procedure.


Root canal treatment is a painless dental procedure that can save your teeth from infection and tooth loss. Visit Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry if you have an infected tooth pulp to protect your teeth from infection. We have a highly skilled dentist with years of experience who can diagnose and treat a variety of dental problems.

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