What Happens in General Dentistry? 

Sep 01, 2020

The dental field is wide, so much so that it is divided into different specialties. Every division is charged with catering to particular oral needs of patients. This way, there isn’t an area of your dental health that is not catered to by dental experts.

When it comes to general dentistry in Austin, TX, services offered thereof are specific to this specialty. It is safe to say that this is the primary dental care provision specialty for patients. If anything, the caregivers in general dentistry in Austin take care of all primary dental experiences that patients receive when they first visit a dental facility. Read on to learn more about general dentistry and what happens in this specialty.

What Is General Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dentistry that caters to all the general oral needs of patients. A general dentist is charged with primary caregiving, ensuring that all aspects of your mouth are as they should be.

General dentistry near you is one of the specialties that offer a wide range of services since maintenance of proper oral health encompasses many aspects. For you to consider yourself as having excellent oral health, it means gum care and oral exams, as well as preventive treatments for your teeth. All these falls under the jurisdiction of a general dentist.

What Kind Of Services Are Offered In General Dentistry?

You cannot conclusively pinpoint all the dental services offered in general dentistry. The underlying fact is that your attending dentist will do as much as is necessary to ensure that your mouth is in good standing, with no infections and damages to treat. Some of the services offered, thereof, include the following:

  • Dental exams – they comprise a variety of tests that help examine and analyze the state of your mouth. These exams are a great way for your attending dentist to monitor your oral health over a certain period. Some of the tests conducted are:
    1. X-rays
    2. CT scans
    3. Cancer screenings
    4. Ultrasounds
    5. Diagnostic tests
  • Preventative dental care – this is a large category of general dentistry. It carries most of the services offered by general dentists. Some of the treatments and services that feature in preventive dental care are:
  1. Oral hygiene – involves scaling and root planing to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. Further, routine dental cleanings at your dentists help remove any stubborn food debris and bacteria in your mouth. These should be done every couple of months. Oral hygiene also covers the training and reinforcement of proper teeth cleaning habits for both children and adults.
  2. Fluoride treatment – it helps strengthen the enamel of teeth, thereby fighting against dental caries. While it is commonly offered for children, adults too can benefit from this treatment.
  3. Dental sealants – they are used to fill the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, protecting them from dental cavities and tooth decay.
    • Tooth extractions – when you need one or two of your teeth removed, a general dentist can handle it for you. They are the go-to dental experts for extracting stubborn milk teeth for children.
    • Dental fillings – simple tasks like repairing a tooth with a dental filling are also handled in general dentistry. Dental fillings will help treat cavities and fill up the holes in your tooth. It falls under primary care because it prevents dental cavities from advancing into oral problems like tooth decay or abscessed teeth.

Importance of General Dentistry

When it comes to caring for your oral health, you cannot excel without general dentistry. The dental experts in this specialty of dentistry will equip you will all the necessary skills you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, regarding your oral health. Some of the advantages of general dentistry include the following:

  • It is a proactive measure for caring for your oral health – ideally, prevention is better than cure. This means that you never have to treat dental problems because you can always anticipate then and counter them before they are a problem.
  • Improved oral hygiene – your oral hygiene will be at its best with regular deep cleans and in-between proper habits.
  • Fighting dental cavities – cavities are one of the most popular dental problems in dentistry. With dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and dental fillings, you can conquer this oral problem.
  • Protection of your gums – the gum tissue is highly prone to infection when your teeth are damaged. With preventive measures, your gums are free of harmful bacteria causing infection.

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