What is Involved in a Root Canal?

May 01, 2022

Root canal treatment is something that people usually prefer to deal with severe cavities. This particular treatment involves the removal of inflamed pulp from the infected area. The process is a little bit intense. So it requires a person with the expertise to deal with it. It is an effective treatment that involves 2-3 sessions to complete the procedure, says expert dentists in Austin, TX.

Initial Stage

In this phase, the dentist takes X-rays to estimate the damage to the tooth. If it is severely damaged, it will require more time and effort. From these x-ray reports, your dentist will plan ahead of the procedure. After analyzing tooth damage in the next session, the dental expert will start cleaning and removing the pulp from the affected area.

Cleaning and Removing Pulp

It is the most crucial phase of the treatment. The dentist pays special attention to cleaning and removing the pulp, which could be painful. So the whole thing is generally carried out under anesthesia. During the process, patients feel no pain or discomfort.

After the effect of anesthesia is over, your dentist will suggest you some painkillers that will help you to endure the phase. It would even require more than one session.

In case of severe damage, the cleaning phase may take more than one sitting. If there is swelling and pus on the affected area, it requires deep cleaning before moving towards the next phase.


The next step after cleaning is filling the cleaned area with suitable material. The beauty of the root canal is that there is no need to remove the whole tooth. But it removes the infected part and protects the remaining part. Till the cleaning process is ongoing. The dentist will fill the cleaned area with a temporary filling.

After completing the cleaning process, they will remove it and fill it with actual fillings. Root canal has been showing phenomenal results for the past many decades. So, if you have any misconceptions and fears about the treatment, don’t worry. It’s safe and effective. So, get in touch with dentists near you as soon as possible.


It is the last phase of the treatment. After placing fillings, your dentist will put a crown over it to keep it compact and protected. They are just like a cap over your tooth.

How long does the root canal take?

Many people fear dental treatment because of pain or sometimes due to so many sittings involved. If we talk about a root canal, it is not a lengthy procedure. It could be done in one or two sittings. But the sessions may stretch because of the severity of the damage. The process involves less pain and effective results. You should discuss all your doubts and queries with your dentist to get the utmost benefits from the treatment.

Is it Possible to Need a Root Canal and Have No symptoms?

It is a question that revolves around the brains of many people because of fear and anxiety about the pain involved in dental procedures. But in today’s world, there is no need to have such fright. It’s because dentists have discovered so many new ways to deal efficiently with dental problems without indulging in excessive pain and discomfort.

During a root canal, dentistry will use anesthesia to make you feel little or no pain during the process. It will numb the area where the process is getting done. To deal with after effects, your dentist will suggest some pain killers. The whole process is painless. There would be no such symptoms that bother you in the long run.

Millions of people have gone through the root canal process and had their dental issues resolved fast. It is safe as well as durable. Once you have a root canal, it enhances the life durability of your teeth for 10-15 years and for more than that. If you’re on the hunt for a quality place to have a root canal treatment in Austin, TX, lifetime smile cosmetic dentistry is the apt place for you to have perfect solutions.

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