When Should I Expect My Child To Start Losing Teeth?

Dec 17, 2013

Losing your first tooth was probably a significant milestone in your childhood, as it should be. The anticipation, as well as a visit from the tooth fairy, are reasons children look forward to losing baby teeth.  It marks the end of one childhood phase and the beginning of the next.  It is also a very exciting time as a parent. Losing teeth involves unique physical evidence of your child’s growth.  So, when does it happen?

Although it varies with each child, most children will start losing teeth around kindergarten.  Children lose teeth in the same order that they came in, which means the bottom two front teeth will go first, followed by the top two front teeth, then the lateral incisors, molars, canines, and finally the back molars.  This is obviously a very time consuming process (and costly for the tooth fairy!). The final teeth should fall out around the time your child turns 12 or 13, but there is really no exact timetable for losing teeth.  Sometimes, baby teeth can stay in as late as the age of 14 or 15.

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