Whitening Strips: A Bright Smile Or A Bad Idea?

Dec 08, 2013

teeth whitening strips

Over the counter teeth whitening strips have made a dazzling smile available to everyone. Some of the strips promise whiter teeth after just one use. The appeal of putting your stained, yellowed teeth behind you and moving forward with the kind of white smile you’ve always admired has become too easy a process to pass up. So what is the downside? Is there any downside? What should you consider before beginning your own do it yourself whitening endeavor?


Side Effects

Temporary and slight tooth sensitivity is a very common side effect of whitening strips. The main ingredient of many of the strips is peroxide (bleach), which can bring about sensitivity. If the sensitivity remains after you have discontinued use or becomes unbearable see your dentist immediately. Do not use whitening strips if you have any sort of dental issue that could be further irritated in the process (e.g. gingivitis, periodontal disease, cavities).



While the main appeal of whitening strips is that they are significantly cheaper than in office whitening procedures, they can still run at a relatively high price. Most kits average $30-40. Some of the more “premium” kits will run a little higher and some of the off brands a little lower. Many kits recommend use twice a year, averaging $80.


Talk To Your Dentist

The best and easiest way to determine if whitening strips are for you is to speak with your dentist before beginning. While opinions on over the counter whitening kits vary among those in the dental field, it is likely that your dentist will advise you follow directions for usage closely and give your teeth a break upon the first signs of sensitivity. Some dentists recommend the strips that whiten fastest because they are left on the teeth for a shorter amount of time. Other dentists believe that these strips are stronger and will accordingly leave you more susceptible to sensitivity or discomfort. Your dentist can check your gums for inflammation or any sores that should be treated before beginning.

If you’re considering using at home white strips make an appointment with Dr. Arzegar today at Lifetime Smiles. If you feel that an in office procedure would better serve your purpose schedule a consultation to discuss Venus White Max. Don’t deny yourself the bright smile you deserve!

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