Why Are My Teeth Hurting?

Apr 06, 2017

Have you felt a stabbing sensation coming from a molar? What about that dull throb radiating off a bicuspid? Do you avoid certain foods because you can’t take the pain any longer? If you’re constantly asking why your teeth are hurting, then it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and figure out why you might be feeling immense amounts of pain in your teeth. In addition, you can also figure out whether you need to take yourself to the dentist as soon as possible. At Lifetime Smiles, we offer many different dental services to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape. Some of the services we offer at Lifetime Smiles are restorative, general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry.

Three Reasons Your Teeth May Be Hurting

If you’re ever feeling immense amounts of pain in your tooth or in several teeth, then it’s best if you come in so we can investigate. Especially, when you are unable to identify why exactly your teeth may be hurting. There’s nothing worse than feeling a pulsating pain in a tooth. Your teeth are delicate. So, if you’re feeling pain, it’s time you take yourself to the dentist to figure out what is going on. Below are just a few suggestions to help you figure out why you might be feeling pain.

Gum Recession Or Infection

How do you brush your teeth? Do you put a lot of pressure on your teeth? Do you brush a little too aggressively? If that’s the case, then you might be creating more problems. It’s important to get your teeth clean and shiny, but if you brush too aggressively you’re liable to create gum recession. Gum recession is when you wear down the tooth structure and the area that covers the roots of your teeth.

When it comes to gum infection, also known as periodontal disease, this means that you are liable to have an infection in your gums that is causing your teeth pain. You can tell if you have an infection due to the pain, swelling, bad taste in your mouth, or the pus coming out of the area. Many people all over the United States have periodontal disease, and if it’s not taken care of quickly, then you could get an abscess.

Grinding Your Teeth

Do you know if you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep? If you feel a pain in your jaw or you notice loose or fractured teeth, then you might be one of the many people in America who grinds their teeth. If you aren’t sure if you grind your teeth, you can always ask your dentist to help you figure it out. Ask your dentist to evaluate your teeth to see what’s going on. When you grind your teeth, you’re causing pain to the tooth and muscle.

Sinus Infection

Believe it or not, a sinus infection might be the cause of your tooth or teeth hurting. Currently, it’s allergy season, which means you may be battling for control of your sinuses. Your mouth and your nose are connected, and the roots of some of your teeth are actually right above your sinuses. If you have a lot of sinus and tooth pressure, then it’s best if you see a doctor instead of a dentist to help you combat your sinus infection.

If you’re feeling any pain in your mouth, then it’s time to see a dentist. Make an appointment with Lifetime Smiles today to alleviate your pain. Don’t forget that poor oral health can always lead to other problems in your body!

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