Why Do I Have Canker Sores?

Aug 31, 2017

We often get cuts in our mouth; however, some people get them more often than others. Shallow cuts from braces, chewing on lips, or biting the inside of your mouth are all ways that you might be getting injured in your mouth. One mouth cut that seems much more prevalent is the canker sore. You’ve probably had one or two of them through your life, but have you ever wondered where they come from? Canker sores are red bordered sores that are shaped like a crater with a white or yellow center. They are painful, inhibit your verbal communication, and make it difficult to eat. Canker sores aren’t cold sores, but oral injuries that are a nuisance. Where do these sores come from though? Are they genetic? Do they just occur to some people more than others? What causes them and how do you get rid of them? Find out below when you read our blog.

Three Reasons You Have Canker Sores

We’ll be going over how you’ve been managing to get canker sores and the causes behind them. As a dentist, we know how painful it can be to have an injury in your mouth and a canker sore can be a very harmful and irritating. Canker sores aren’t ageist either, but will happen to anyone. Most commonly they happen to people who are between 10 to 20. There are also complex canker sores versus the simple ones that people are more prone to getting. The reason you may be developing canker sores frequently can vary from a variety of different reasons. We compiled three common reasons to help you figure out why you’re getting these sores in your mouth.

Food Allergies

Food allergies manifest themselves in a variety of different ways from rashes to more severe symptoms. If you have food allergies, then you could be getting canker sores because of what you’re putting in your tummy. When you eat specific foods that you know you’re allergic to, then you could be causing these sores in your mouth. If you’re not allergic to anything, but it seems like you continuously get canker sores, then start to write down what you eat and notice whether you’re getting the sores when you eat something specific.

Not Enough Nutrition

Your body will let you know in a variety of ways in your are facing a nutritional deficiency and one of those ways are canker sores. You may not be getting the nutrition you need in your body. Canker sores are your body’s way of letting you know you’re not getting the proper dose of vitamins or minerals in your diet. Take a look to figure out if you’re getting the necessary amount of iron, folic acid, calcium, zinc, or vitamin B12. Additionally, you can fix this issue by taking vitamins.


Yet another way that your body tells you that you have too much on your plate. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you’re probably not paying that much attention to what you’re doing oral health wise. Stress can manifest in different manners and one of those ways is by brushing too hard because you’re preoccupied or because the tissues in your mouth are inflamed from other ailments going on with your body due to overworking it.

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