Your Custom Dental Sports Guard

Oct 16, 2015

A mouthguard is a flexible device that covers the wearer’s teeth, meant to protect them from damage during sports activities. Some athletes, such as college football players, are required to wear mouthguards, but many who are not required to do so opt to go without this protection. If you are an athlete who chooses not to wear a sports guard, please read on, and allow us to change your mind.

Any person engaged in a physical activity during which there is a risk of contact with other players or contact with other hard surfaces should wear a mouthguard. We are all used to seeing football, hockey, and lacrosse players using mouthguards, but the ADA (American Dental Association) has identified a list of other activities where a mouthguard should be worn including basketball, gymnastics, skating, surfing, and weightlifting.

For the full list as well as more great information regarding choosing and caring for your mouthguard, see this ADA document.

Many athletes do not wear mouthguards because of comfort, fit, speaking, and breathing issues, but a proper mouthguard should fit well so that it stays in place, permits speech, and allows for easy breathing. If you have had the negative experience of an ill-fitting stock mouthguard, consider using our custom sports guard services! Because the custom guard process includes making a mold of your teeth, the personalized quality of a customized mouthguard is unmatched. Whereas stock guards can be bulky and uncomfortable, custom guards offer the correct thickness of material for maximum protection. Custom mouthguards also offer better protection against concussions or brain damage, jaw dislocation or fracture, fractured or lost teeth, and more.

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